About Us

Margeau’s Free to Be Project is based on the belief that all women and girls are worthy and good enough just the way they are. We support this belief through creative activities and conversation and by fostering meaningful relationships with females of all ages. The Project is devoted to helping women and girls realize their full potential and appreciate the gifts they have to offer the world.

Margeau Stumphauzer was a remarkable 29-year-old woman who had a joyful spirit and saw the best in everyone, but struggled to see it in herself. She passed away in the fall of 2011, after a long illness. Like many women, Margeau suffered from feelings of inadequacy. She was a talented and beautiful girl who never felt worthy enough, although she helped so many people in her life to feel good about their gifts. It was her dream to spare others from the demons she fought in her short life.

Margeau’s Free to Be Project will keep the dream alive by helping women and girls to be “Free to Be” exactly who they are and to realize that who we are is good enough. Margeau’s Free to Be Project will host an annual “Discovering YOU”, a day of inspiration and healing for women and girls, featuring a nationally recognized speaker, several breakout sessions conducted by leading experts in the field of emotional, spiritual and physical health, and an opportunity to be in the company of other great women. In addition, we provide a website to serve as a resource for women and girls seeking support, a monthly women’s circle and a quarterly book club.